Sponsors for ChariTable Vienna

Inspiring Each Other, Passing on Our Strengths

We would love to thank our partners, who provide outstanding support in setting up our fund-raising project and contributing with their key competencies to ChariTable Vienna.


ÜBERALL initiates and designs B2B events for specific target groups. We draw on more than 15 years of experience in the fields of HR (Human Resources), IT (Mobile & Digital) and Marketing. Executive management events, exclusive industry meetings, trade fairs, as well as professional congresses are among our formats and offer unique experiences for the exchange among key players of internationally active companies.

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Schlumberger - Austria's oldest and best-known sparkling wine producer since 1842. Its exquisite base wines come exclusively from Austrian contract winegrowers in Lower Austria and Burgenland. In addition, the Méthode Traditionnelle, invented in Champagne, is maintained and further developed at Schlumberger with the most outstanding care and helps the sparkling wine to its delicate sparkle.

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As your reliable partner, BDO supports you with a wealth of expertise in auditing, tax, corporate finance & consulting as well as business services & outsourcing.



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​​Women of Vienna (WoV) is a community providing resources and a powerful network for almost 22,000 Austrian and International women living in or near Vienna, Austria. Its mission is to make Vienna accessible, bridge communities, and encourage woman*-led change.

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MeinBezirk.at connects the people of the region. Here you can write, read, photograph and discover everything that makes the region worth living in. See if there are already active MeinBezirk.at users in your region. Or show what makes your home for you, what makes your place worth living for you, through your pictures, your reports and your ideas - as many have already done elsewhere, and invite your friends and acquaintances to the portal. Soon a network will develop.It is your platform. Traditional and modern at the same time.


The online digital print shop in the heart of Vienna at Westbahnstraße 9! With 25 years of experience, they accompany their customers in the realisation of their printing projects!

In the meantime, Teleprint has approx. 300 m2 and consists of a multicultural team of of 5 people. They produce on the most modern, first-class printing machines and exclusively in Vienna.

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The Fachgruppe Gastronomie is the legal representation of the interests of Viennese gastronomy. Our approximately 6,000 member businesses represent a wide variety of business types, from restaurants to snack bars to ice cream parlours.


Every day they make their contribution to Vienna's tourism balance, which is well worth seeing. As their representatives and advocates vis-à-vis authorities and legislation, we see it as our task to fight for business-friendly framework conditions for our businesses.


Ioannis Finest - offering a small, finest range of high-quality Greek products such as premium organic extra virgin olive oil, herbs, care products, honey, etc.  

Its flagship line - the ELEANDROS olive oil has been awarded gold internationally every year since 2016. Renowned nutritionists and doctors recommend ELANDROS olive oil for daily nutrition. 

We Welcome Your Contribution!

At ChariTable Vienna, we are continuously looking for collaborators who can partner with us.

For our first event on June 11th, 2022, we especially look for the following supports:

  • Media exposure and community engagements on our project and upcoming event.

  • Collaterals production (e.g. leaflet, backdrop) for the first dinner event on June 11th, 2022.

  • In-kind sponsorship for our tombola at the after-party on June 11th, 2022.


If you wish to take part in our project by supporting any of the above areas, or just want to contribute in your own way, We'd love to hear from you.