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ChariTable Vienna Recognition

Restaurant Vibes
ChariTable Vienna_Symbol 2024.PNG

In 2024, ChariTable Vienna has experienced significant growth through the collaborative efforts of generous restaurants, sponsors, and media partners. We are immensely proud to collaborate with all of you, our dedicated partners, in creating an unforgettable experience centered around "Good Food, Good Times, Good Causes" together!

We are excited to introduce the ChariTable Vienna 2024 recognition, designed to appreciate your contribution. This symbol signifies that restaurants are not only endorsed by the ChariTable Team for your exceptional quality food and attentive service but also acknowledged as a committed contributor to social causes.

We welcome you to proudly display this symbol sticker at your entrance, on your website, and across your social media platforms!

Let's continue to champion the cause together!

Warm regards,

ChariTable Vienna Team 2024

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