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The Kommod relies on small gestures instead of grand productions, offering its guests relaxed hours in a culinary gem with excellent cuisine and regional wines.

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Cozy, artisan

Where one feels comfortable, being happy is simple. Therefore, Kommod avoids grand staging and focuses on the many small, loving gestures that make a successful restaurant visit.

At Kommod, Stephan Stahl and Christina Unteregger fulfill the dream of a culinary gem every evening, where their guests can spend relaxed hours.

Excellent cuisine and wines taste a bit better in a friendly atmosphere. They are careful to select top-quality products; the vegetables come from the region. The chef personally serves and explains the dishes to the guests. Wine pairings are available to accompany the set menu.

The changing temporary art exhibitions add an extra point of interest.


Strozzigasse 40, Wien, Austria

480 EUR

4 Seats

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special dietary requirements can be organised with the restaurant

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