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Sponsors for ChariTable Vienna
2024 March 14th Event

Inspiring Each Other, Passing on Our Strengths

Aux Gazelles

AUX GAZELLES offers an oasis of relaxation and beauty care. Escape the hectic routine with professional facials, manicures, body treatments, and the unique Hammam experience. The team caters to individual preferences for radiant results. The Hammam ritual includes cleansing, steam bath, exfoliating massage, and traditional foam massage. Premium natural products and sustainable cotton towels are used.

Casino Wien

The Casino Vienna, located in the oldest building on Kärntner Straße in the heart of Vienna, offers a unique overall experience. The historic venue captivates with a diverse gaming selection, upscale dining at the Casino Restaurant, and a fantastic cocktail bar. The ground floor's Jackpot Casino provides a casual atmosphere, while the elegant casino spaces on the upper floors promise a world of salons with impressive architecture and first-class service. We look forward to your visit!

Emma's Artroom

Emma Lang, the host of Emma's Art Room, originally came from the Isle of Man and has lived in Vienna for almost twenty years.  Emma has worked as a textile designer in both Austria and Australia designing for the fashion and home furnishing industry. prior to that, she was Surface Pattern Designer in both the UK and Norway. Since Emma’s Art Room was born in 2009, both of her experience for adults e.g. Painting & Wine, corporate event, and for kids, e.g. Kids Workshops and Art Camps has been so popular among Viennese locally and internationally.

Food Blog @Foodiliciousvienna

Carla-Marie Novak founded “@Foodiliciousvienna” in 2015. On the Instagram food blog, with over 55,000 followers, you can get great recommendations and inspiration for your next restaurant visit!

Hotel Sans Souci

Harmony, relaxation, being completely with oneself – our wellness haven invites you to unwind on 450 m². Enjoy soothing sauna sessions, a cleansing steam bath, the warming rays of the indoor sun meadow, and a cozy relaxation room. Here, you'll discover the perfect retreat for inner balance and rejuvenation.

Köche kochen für Kinder

Every month, a new restaurant selected by Renate Zierler serves a dish in support of SOS Children's Village, following the motto "Cook me something from the past! Giving a positive future with culinary childhood memories and supporting SOS Children's Village!" Because, as we all know, love goes through the stomach!

Mein Bezirk connects the people of the region. Here you can write, read, photograph and discover everything that makes the region worth living in. See if there are already active users in your region. Or show what makes your home for you, what makes your place worth living for you, through your pictures, your reports and your ideas - as many have already done elsewhere, and invite your friends and acquaintances to the portal. Soon a network will develop.It is your platform. Traditional and modern at the same time.

Rolling Pin

Established in 2003, Rolling Pin is now a leading media company in the gastronomy and hotel industry. Their focus on "Unique Inspiration for Food, Wine, and Bar Pioneers" is reflected in a renowned magazine, an online job portal, a podcast, and popular events like the Rolling Pin Conventions. Comparable to fashion shows for the gastronomy world, these conventions attract around 16,000 visitors and serve as platforms for exchanging ideas, presenting future trends, and inspiring industry professionals.

BeLiNi Living Concept Store

Established in 2010, BeLiNi pursues the goal of meeting the highest standards in living. Beauty, design excellence, and high-quality materials shape their sustainable overall concept. The motto "Design follows function" guides them in the gradual realization of their clients' living dreams. Accompanied by fine materials and matching colors, they integrate a comprehensive concept, successfully shaping daily life with consideration for individual needs.,  a multilingual content program with the purpose is to promote intercultural appreciation through Chinese folk cultures, customs, arts, and crafts. While handpicking multilingual content and activities, we want to explore common interests to diversify the perspectives of this ancient culture with the world. We believe, the world is cozier & more joyful when we look at our commonalities and appreciate our differences. 

Eva Vycitalova

Eva Vycitalova is a professional photographer who specializes in wedding and family photography. Recently, she has expanded her services to include business and personal branding photography as well. Her approachable demeanor and friendly attitude set her apart, enabling her to capture very natural and authentic moments that effectively convey the emotions of those she photographs.


The Gault-Millau, named after founders Henri Gault and Christian Millau, is a significant
restaurant guide. It is considered one of the most influential French restaurant guides,
awarding coveted Gault-Millau chef's hats based on a point system. Additionally, it provides
detailed restaurant reviews.


This Vienna-based influencer combines his creativity with his knowledge in the science of
winemaking and his PhD in chemistry to produce professional wine-related content. He has
advised local wineries, written extensively on the latest happenings in the vino world, and served
as a judge at global wine competitions.


Manuel Fritsch, an experienced content creator, manages to transform his creativity into captivating videos with his passion for video production. With Liquidfilms he specializes in high-quality video content to support companies in the marketing sector. Liquidfilms relies on innovation and creativity to develop customized solutions that delight audiences and help companies communicate their messages effectively.

Niely Hoetsch

Niely Hoetsch, who studied political science, is a fourth-generation Brazilian fashion designer who has been running her own headdress label in Vienna since 2007. She makes her unique headdress using traditional techniques and processes she has developed. Each of her pieces, whether the well-known gold bands, cool headbands or exquisite bridal headpieces, is handmade and therefore unique. Her wedding dresses are characterized by special elaboration and are lovingly made to measure.


Telling stories, empathizing with emotions, experiencing the moment through photos. What remains
in the end are memories that must be captured. That is our passion, that is our craft – capturing
unforgettable moments through unique photography. Whether landscapes, portraits, events, or
animals – my passion is photography.

Bogdan Stoian

Bogdan's career began a few years ago with a small camera with a curved sensor that was perfect for carrying around. He photographed while traveling, moments in urban public spaces or his friends' birthday parties.

Daniela Caldas

Daniela Caldas is a former ballet dancer, trained as a personal trainer.
During her childhood in Brazil, Daniela was taught the Royal Academy of Dance method by Jane Stanley. She worked with renowned choreographers such as Rodrigo Pederneiras and Lourdes Bastos. Later trainings include Ballet Fitness®, Authentic Pilates®, Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis® and X-Treme Pilates®.
Her passion for body movement led her not only to train herself, but also to share her experience. 

Flight with Chris

Whether you are a private or professional pilot, an aviation company or the founder of one, we are your experienced partner in all areas of aviation. With over 30 years of international experience, we support you with regulatory formalities and offer tailor-made solutions for personnel and aircraft requirements. Our comprehensive know-how enables your projects to be implemented quickly and efficiently.


Gutenberg-Werbering GmbH, which is over 100 years old, is a modern production and service company specializing in paper-related printed products and outdoor advertising. The products on offer include folders, brochures, brochures, catalogs, annual reports and special printed materials. We support projects from planning to production, rely on environmentally friendly production, fair partnerships and strive for sustainable success.

Ioannas Finest

Ioannis Finest - offering a small, finest range of high-quality Greek products such as premium organic extra virgin olive oil, herbs, care products, honey, etc.  
Its flagship line - the ELEANDROS olive oil has been awarded gold internationally every year since 2016. Renowned nutritionists and doctors recommend ELANDROS olive oil for daily nutrition. 

Lisboa Lounge

At Lisboa Lounge Dine & Wine you will find genuine Portuguese food, wines and tapas! You can try a choice of Portuguese cheese and the fabulous Iberian ham “Pata Negra”, as well as our excellent seafood specialties or a famous Port wine.

The Lounge is also suitable for private events. In the basement you’ll find an offer of live music, sports and cultural events.

Podcast #Impact

#impact Podcast empowers purpose-driven organisations and individuals to tell their stories in an intimate, authentic way that allows them to stand out by giving them a voice.
It ranks in the top 5% most popular shows out of more than 4 million Podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score and also received an Honorable Mention at the Golden Crane Awards 2020 and 2021.


Schlumberger - Austria's oldest and best-known sparkling wine producer since 1842. Its exquisite base wines come exclusively from Austrian contract winegrowers in Lower Austria and Burgenland. In addition, the Méthode Traditionnelle, invented in Champagne, is maintained and further developed at Schlumberger with the most outstanding care and helps the sparkling wine to its delicate sparkle.

We Welcome Your Contribution!

ChariTable Vienna warmly welcomes any support and contribution as we work together to create a truly unique and impactful fundraising experience for everyone

  • Media exposure and community engagements on our project and upcoming event.

  • Collaterals production (e.g. leaflet, backdrop) for the dinner event.

  • In-kind sponsorship for our tombola at the after-party.

  • ...or your thoughts?


If you wish to take part in our project by supporting any of the above areas, or just want to contribute in your way, We'd love to hear from you.

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